creative careplan

These clients need a careplan as they may need more things to do to mentally stimulate them as they can become bored and restless easily-also appearance is very important to this client group. We have an understanding of the effects of hormone therapy and the emotional turmoil associated with this. Their needs are different to some of our other clients’ and each person is treated as a unique individual

Our program is based on total abstinence from both drugs and alcohol. We have a thorough CBT programme on relapse prevention including reference to triggers such as previous associates, facebook and relationship and chemical apps on smart phones.

Our aim is to demonstrate a welcoming environment to LGBTI clients to allow them to feel safe and understood.

We display ChemSex literature, Safe Sex, HIV support and LGBTI inclusion literature.

There are regular workshops on sexual health and BBV to inform all clients and offer up to date knowledge.

Our rules and expectations and group preambles outline anti discriminatory guidance and we do not tolerate any form of abuse.

We run groups to address some of these specific needs of the clients and allow them the space to discuss issues that they would not necessarily wish to talk about with clients who are not from a LGBTI background. The sessions are goal orientated.

The topics of conversation could include (dependant on client need);

Consequences of past behaviours

Unhealthy relationships

Unhealthy sexual practices

Past associates and the pressures faced

Cross Addiction

Healthy behaviours

Coping skills training

Building good interpersonal relationship skills-

Building on self worth and self esteem and assignments

Internalized homophobia

Fear and Rejection

Underlying Issues related to drug use/solutions

Discrimination impact

Identity Acceptance

Spiritual principles

Building self efficacy

Identity Pride

Sober Relationships

Safe Relationships

How to maintain abstinence

Staff have training on issues/prejudices facing LGBTI to reduce inequalities and to ensure they have up to date knowledge and skills to work clients and so staff have club drugs competence.

Managers have attended Swish in London to explore any additional areas we can improve on to enhance our service by holding a focus group with the staff of these agencies

We are engaging volunteers who identify as LGBTI and are working closely with Bournemouth Body Positive Team who offer drop in support and one to one counselling support. We also have the support of Over The Rainbow who provide advice, support and information for a healthier community.

We have updated our recruitment and human resource procedures to include LGBTI in our practices.

‘Chemsex therapy groups are specifically designed for Gay Men and address all facets that cause issues for many gay people within the community and who are struggling with their addictions. Alongside the one to ones and group sessions Allington House welcomes any member of the LGBTI community and welcome them with open arms and make them feel at ease from the very start. Both the support staff and counselling staff are hands on and here night and day for all our needs.

Even before I came I felt the genuine love from every person I spoke to

My recovery started from the very first phone call and after having being referred here and now 6 weeks into my treatment I definitely made the right decision

StreetScene offers a  safe ,kind and  well planned out and well structure tx program suitable for any struggling member of the LGBTI community

Where Chemsex is the “norm” and the time for personal growth and reflection is now. I could not have wanted for anything more and would recommend StreetScene to anyone’

Ben September 2017

‘Kemistry group has helped me to find a voice for deeper issues associated with my addiction. These have helped with challenges I had in the gay community through the adventure of apps such as grindr and scruff. It was easier for me initially to identify with my peers in this group which helped me build my confidence and self-esteem to share my experiences in the larger group therapy sessions.

The chemistry group is both fun and serious simultaneously I genuinely look forward to attending each week

I am currently living out in the community after completing 4 months of treatment at Allington House & intend to continue attending the group on a weekly basis to help myself and others on our respective journeys’

Lawrence September 2017