Addiction is recognised by the World Health Organisation as a chronic and progressive illness. For anyone caring for an addict, addiction is a destructive force that wreaks havoc in the life of anyone close to them. It can be confusing and at times events appears to be beyond understanding with the addict gradually changing almost beyond recognition. Addicts often become secretive, moody, unreliable and untrustworthy and the whole situation can become an emotional roller coaster. For the addict it feels frustrating and confusing. Addicts don’t want to cause chaos and at times can stop using for short periods before returning to their addictive ways. It can be difficult for them to admit there is a problem and that they are powerless to really stop it. This can leave everyone feeling desperate and isolated. The good news is that there is a way out.

What We Offer

A key part of our abstinence based program is the in depth assessment procedure, where we gather information about the client, their addiction issues , cultural needs and other areas of concern, including physical, psychological, health, relationships and underlying

issues a client wants to work on, so we are prepared for them when they arrive. We work with clients who have one or more presenting problems. Our intensive treatment is provided in our safe, friendly, residential environment where these issues can be addressed.

Treatment can be from a minimum of 28 days to 90 days, depending on circumstances and need. We do recommend longer than 28 days treatment as it takes time to physically recover from addiction and form new habits. Working with their counsellor and other specialist staff we look at the cycles of behaviour and experience that have brought a client to their current position. Together, based on our experience and expertise and a client’s preferences, we create a bespoke treatment plan that will enable the client to stop the addiction in its tracks, regain power in their own lives and move on to healthy and successful future. To achieve this our program has many parts. We provide individual therapy, group therapy, workshops, relapse prevention, stress management, mindfulness, peer groups, Tai Chi, outward bound activities (weather permitting) and other forms of exercise as well as access to many other alternative therapies as required.

We support clients to connect with self-help groups to become involved in the local community and establish a balanced routine in their lives. Our life skills training skills include impulse control, balance in recovery, recognising and managing triggers and High Risk situations. Our overall aim is for clients to internalise newly learned relapse prevention coping skills and have high self-efficacy. People recovering from addiction benefit from building on their dignity, self-respect and their self-regard. We are able to do this as we have a staff team that are experienced, qualified, nurturing, diverse and discreet, and we have over 25 years experience delivering successful treatment for addiction. We encourage clients to learn to have fun. To someone suffering from addiction this can sound impossible, however many of our staff have personal experience of recovery and we know that once a person is in recovery enjoying life becomes much easier than expected. Overall meaning we provide the best possible treatment at a reasonable cost.

After Treatment

Once treatment has been completed there are many ways we can continue to provide support. For those who wish to remain in the area we have accommodation with support and aftercare. For those returning to their home area we provide aftercare either in person

or via telephone, email or Skype, depending on preference. We will always phone as a matter of courtesy, with your permission, to see how you are getting on as part of our customer care.