StreetScene understands the importance of providing supported housing and safe accommodation to clients that want to relocate or have no present living address or require additional recovery support and reintegration help. Whether its privately funded or funded through a care manager StreetScene has several third stage supported housing units available to provide safe, alcohol /drug free secure living.

Supported Resettlement Housing.

StreetScene resettlement programme is available to both private and government funded clients in both Bournemouth and Southampton. With government funded clients this is done in conjunction with their care managers or local drug and alcohol team. Our resettlement projects offer a structured package of accommodation and support to clients who require abstinence based and recovery orientated supported accommodation. This service consists of several semi-independent housing projects based in Bournemouth and Southampton. All our resettlement housing projects are totally abstinent based.

Resettlement Increases sustainable recovery. Our skilled staff members work with individuals accommodated in our resettlement projects who have a desire to change their pattern of behaviour, lifestyle and social and health issues. StreetScene resettlement projects help increase the ability to manage and sustain their recovery with a large degree of independence around tenancy and community living.

Resettlement Living Skills & Support:-

A stable supportive environment, practical advice and support

Life skills development

Support with move on accommodation

Tenancy support and advice

Advice on work training and employment

Crisis management

Drug and alcohol support and advice

Signpost into specialist services

Cultural specific support

Support network development

General health advice


Access to treatment services

Budgeting advice

Welfare/benefit advice

Emotional/psychological support


Aftercare (Residential) & Reintegration Service

Our aftercare resettlement and reintegration care package includes residential living in one of our third stage recovery houses and offers the client the maximum support for achieving long term recovery from their own addiction with the support of fellow house dwellers and StreetScene staff. The resettlement and reintegration programme offered by StreetScene is up to 6 months and includes the below reintegration package.