How it works

Our centres enable our clients to be free from their current circumstances whilst detoxing and receiving treatment by providing a supportive, safe, homely environment and a robust 12 step treatment program. Our program is designed to give clients the key skills and tools to stay clean and great emphasis is placed on this.

StreetScene’s rehabilitation centres offer inpatient residential care for clients suffering from addiction, enabling them to be free from their current circumstances whilst detoxing and receiving treatment by providing a supportive, safe, homely environment and a robust treatment program. Our program is designed to give clients the key skills and tools to stay clean and great emphasis is placed on this. 
Each person’s treatment journey through rehabilitation is divided into primary treatment and secondary treatment. In the primary phase, when people are most vulnerable, there are various measures in place to ensure a client’s safety whilst finding their feet in an abstinent life. In secondary treatment clients get much more opportunity to go out and use the skills they have learned for living clean. During secondary treatment a visit home for the weekend may be organised if appropriate. We offer support for family members and where possible encourage family members to visit before a visit home.
Rehabilitation Treatment Program. 
At StreetScene we are aware that each of our clients is unique with their own psychological, emotional / mental and physical histories so a personalised treatment plan is essential to offer targeted care. Our specialist team of addiction therapists, care staff and the project team work closely together with the client to produce a personalised rehabilitation treatment plan that includes; therapeutic activities, specialised therapies, medical treatment and complementary therapies aimed at giving the individual the very best chance to recover from their addiction.
Typical Daily Rehab Itinerary
7.30am Wake Up
8.00am Breakfast / Medication
8.30am  Mindfulness / Meditation
8.45am Therapeutic Activities
9.30am Break Time
10.00am Group Therapy
11.15am Break Time
11.30am Personal Therapy / Education
1.00pm Lunch
2.00pm Workshop
3.15pm Break
3.20pm Fitness / Creative Therapy
4.15pm Personal Assignment / mini group
6.00pm Dinner
6.40pm Therapeutic Activities / Assignments
7.00pm Outings to mutual aid groups / games / TV / socialise
9.00pm Assignments / Daily Record
10.00pm Relaxation time
11.00pm Retire To Bed

Weekend Activities

Weekend activities are different. They vary a little from house to house but include such things as structured group, meetings, walks, shopping and opportunities for family visits. 
Therapeutic Activities
StreetScene rehab centres provide professional addiction treatment for all types of addiction. We work with all types of clients and offer a unique, safe and nurturing environment conducive to producing sustainable long term recovery. One important aspect of recovering from addiction is learning to enjoy and appreciate a quality of life, have fun without the use of alcohol, drugs or being in active addiction. At StreetScene a major part of the therapeutic process of recovery is the organised recreational activities, both in house and using local resources.
Residential Treatment Therapeutic Activities
Group therapy
Relapse prevention
Anger management
Learning about the nature of addiction
Addictive behaviour workshops
Healthy relationship workshops
Managing thoughts and feelings
Impulse control
Assertiveness training
Communication skills
Dealing with core issues
Harm minimization
The why’s and how’s of addiction and the brain.
Structures peer groups
Gender groups
Life planning and structuring
Education for employment
Food and Nutrition
Therapeutic & Recreational Activities.
As part of a therapeutic treatment plan all clients take part in recreational activities which help create a sense of fun, adventure and enjoyment in doing things without the use of alcohol or drugs. StreetScene organises regular recreational and therapeutic activities such as:
Relaxation / meditation /Tai Chi
Exercise, walks, gym 
Having fun clean
Team games 
Group outings and activities
All houses have a music system that plays throughout the communal areas, TV, radio, Wi-fi and games for clients to use during recreational time. We have access to 3 Previa’s to facilitate group outings to local events or places of interest.
Group Therapy for Addictions.
Group therapy is an integral part of all treatment plans at StreetScene. Working in group therapy with other clients who also suffer from addiction is a vital part of the recovery process for an individual. It helps clients to see that they are not alone with their thoughts, feelings and experiences and begin to see that this is part of addiction. In group therapy clients may work through difficult interpersonal relationships or achieve goals set by their individual therapy sessions. Group therapy will help the client to start to interact with other people and end their own personal isolation and heighten their awareness of blocks that are hindering them from sustaining long term recovery. All group therapy sessions are facilitated by a fully qualified therapist who listens and gently highlights and points out any issues and problems, reflecting these back to the client.
Specialised / Complementary Therapies.  Some groups are directed towards a particular goal:
Cognitive behavioural therapy
Relaxation therapy
Relapse prevention group
Gender group therapy / specialised groups
Body image group therapy
Relationship therapy
Grief and loss group therapy
Cross-addiction therapy
Coping skills therapy
Art work therapy
Personalised & Targeted Therapy. 
Our personalised therapy is one of the main reasons StreetScene is one of the leading addiction treatment organisations in the UK. Our addiction therapists use an eclectic skill set including CBT, MI and 12 Step facilitation and access to a psychologist, if required and doctors to offer personalised one-to-one targeted therapy to each individual and their unique circumstances. This allows us to focus on and address the root causes of addiction on a case-by-case basis, leading to effective and sustained recovery.
24hrs On Site Care Staff
All our rehabilitation treatment centres are staffed 24 hours a day and there is always a member of staff at hand to deal with any medical, therapeutic or care needs a client may have. Throughout the day there are management staff, therapists, project managers and care staff who are all experienced and trained to ensure you receive the ultimate in addiction rehabilitation care. At night there is always a staff member available as well as a back up team to ensure a quality service 24/7.
Confidential and private rehab.
The individual therapy we provide allows clients to talk in complete privacy and confidentiality with a specialist therapist. Many of StreetScene therapists have been through recovery themselves so they have theoretical and practical knowledge of addiction, and naturally use a discreet and sensitive approach with clients, encouraging them to talk about matters they may find difficult to share.
Development and support of staff
We pride ourselves on the genuineness and enthusiasm of the team we have at StreetScene, many of whom are in recovery themselves, and we invest a lot in their training, development, professionalism and welfare. Regular training includes such things as first aid, safeguarding, dignity and respect, use of defibrillation equipment, HAS, food safety, medication and many other. We invest a lot in our staff’s welfare. Everyone has a training plan and receives regular supervision, we have an external supervisor who attends monthly to provide supervision for our therapeutic team. As well as this all staff receive regular line management supervision, this serves to monitor and ensure that when we provide the highest quality of treatment for every client. 
12 Step Facilitation/ non religioius
One of the models of therapy we us is the 12 step model, based on the original 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. This can sometimes cause confusion as the word God or Higher Power does appear in the 12 steps. As an organisation we are not affiliated with any belief system or non-belief system and the use of the word God, as far as we are concerned, can refer to anything a client choses, from a deity, to nature, to some form of universal consciousness, to ‘Good orderly direction’, to the group of people in the unit (as many heads are still better than one when solving a problem). Basically it is about acknowledging that when someone with an addiction has come to a point where they need help and can no longer do it by themselves, there needs to be something outside of themselves that can provide that help. Higher Power is simply a term to cover everything that this external help may be.
Reintegration Program.
Our reintegration care package offers the client the maximum support for achieving long term recovery from their own addiction. The reintegration programme offered by StreetScene is a 10 day programme spread out over 4-6 weeks. Once a client has completed their main rehabilitation treatment and leave the centre the reintegration programme offers them the comfort and safety they need for the first 4-6 weeks living life on life’s terms. The programme includes meals and laundry on the days they attend the centre
We understand the crucial role a solid aftercare programme plays in a client’s successful recovery from their addiction. When dealing with each individual we prescribe a targeted treatment plan that will include some form of aftercare to ensure that the client has the very best chance of starting out from treatment with the most support possible. During this period we can provide extra support at the clients request if required.
Relapse Prevention 
One reason why people relapse is that they fail to incorporate the necessary coping strategies needed to live comfortably in recovery. Life will always have ups and downs and the individual needs to be able to handle both. Addicts and alcoholics will turn to their addiction of choice when unable to cope with life unless they have learned an alternative. If the individual just gets sober without developing new ways of coping, they will continue to struggle and may relapse. At StreetScene we provide a solid aftercare support programme that includes relapse prevention planning, positive action and education.