Below are some of our team.


Tessa Corner, CEO, is a recovering addict and one of the founders of the charity.
She is inspirational and visionary, professional, knowledgeable and gregarious. She is also noted for her shoe collection.
Patrick Gormley, COO has been with StreetScene for over 20 years. He is motivational and resourceful, grounded and positive. He takes great pride in the team and the work of StreetScene. He will probably never stop playing football.
Sharon Baker, CAO, ensures we maintain and improve the high standard of care we provide. She is industrious, action oriented, dedicated, committed and caring and a very stylish lady. If there is a problem she will solve it.
Tim Howson-Green, CFO, has the job of ensuring the ongoing viability of the charity. He is logical, efficient, entrusted and knowledgeable. He is known for being professional and spot on. He is a member of Wessex 4x4 Response.
Zoe Martindale is Senior Manager of Allington House. She was part time lecturer in association with Bath University on the degree course on Addiction but now dedicates her time to StreetScene. She is conscientious, insightful dedicated and committed to recovery.

She has an eye for interior design.
Barry Campbell is part of the assessment and admission team, and part of StreetScene’s steering committee which is responsible for the development of the charity. He is grounded and sociable, respectful and consistent. He has a reputation for making people laugh.
Claire Davison is manager of Cornerways and also part of the steering committee. She is fast thinking and focussed, compassionate and charming. She loves her family, friends, Boot camp and being in the New Forest.
Mark Bysouth is team leader. He has wide ranging therapeutic interests. and is very knowledgeable. He is genuine, caring patient and spiritual. He has a good sense of humour and he probably knows the theory of everything
Helen Adams is the Resettlement manager of Unity housing. She has been a part of the StreetScene team for over 11 years. She also enjoys being the events manager, including the Unity Cup, Volleyball recovery day and bonfire night celebration.  She brings fun into StreetScene and recovery and does enjoy a cruise holiday or two. is our long-time I.T. manager and technical support. 16 years ago he started fixing our computers and has single-handedly been keeping them running ever since. When he's not found buried elbows-deep in a computer, he can often be found helping out with his favourite bands, or, failing a good gig to go to, covered in squirrels down in Bournemouth gardens as he feeds them hazelnuts and almonds.