StreetScene is a UK renowned drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre with three main units in different locations. 

Established in  1989, StreetScene is one of the oldest  12 step and cognitive behavioural approach rehab centres in the UK and has an expert team of specialised addiction therapists, project workers, medical assistants and care staff all of which are led and managed by our head of addiction treatment and treatment directors. 
Since 1990, we are one of the UK's leading cognitive behavioural approach inpatient alcohol dependency centres. StreetScene provides expert alcohol addiction recovery care through our team of experienced therapists and supervision staff as well as working closely with GP's and our local medical centre.

Inpatient & Outpatient Drug Rehabilitation Treatment 
StreetScene addiction rehabilitation centres offer inpatient residential care and outpatient (day programme) treatment for patients suffering from drug addiction enabling the patient to be free from their current living circumstances and dangers of relapse whilst detoxing and receiving treatment. At our drug rehab centres, we focus on patient care, concern and respect for the dignity of the client suffering from addiction.

Expert Alcohol Dependency Rehabilitation Treatment
We treat alcohol dependency as a serious illness and help promote long term sobriety through our therapeutic and medical dependency treatment plans. StreetScene's aim is to help patients recover through an intensive, personalised programme that combines medical treatment, 12 Step's and other psychiatric and complementary therapies.