‘I arrived at Allington in the Summer of 2020. I had no clue what to expect other than I could not continue in the current way I was living my life!
This had to work. I faced many versions of myself, learned what it meant to be an addict, began to understand I wasn’t a bad person and started to love the part of me that I didn’t want to face. Over 90 days the hope got marginally greater to the point where I am today December 2020, clean, sober with an understanding of who I am and where I am going. Zoe, Sarah and the Team at Street Scene have not only enabled me to be me again but have given back to my family, their son and my friends their friend. I am deeply grateful for every minute at Street Scene. Have no doubt this will change your life so long as you are willing like I did to do everything that is suggested, even if I didn’t want to…I did it…because it works…..

M 2020.

‘I felt mentally and physically safe at all times. The house itself is a beautiful calming place and betwen staff and peers I have felt 100% at ease no matter how emotional I've been, good or bad. I've felt that my wellbeing has been the priority and even with everything that has happened, I've alwaysfelt safe and cared forand fully supported.’ T 2020

‘The staff are amazing, good natured  caring, firm but fair.  I was always treated with difnity and respect and they bent over backwards to help. Incredible people who gave me honest feedback and helped me to look at things differently. I'd like to thank the whole team for their deep and abiding kindness, and to my counsellor for her wisdom and insight. This has been my first positive experience of counselling ’ A. 2020

‘This was the best thing I have done in a while. This was exactly what I needed and would havewanted if I knew what I wanted. I had no idea what to expect, this has exceeded my expectations, love, care, respect, fairness boundaries in abundance for the good of me and my peers. Words cannot compare with how I feel about the house. Thank you.’ M 2020

‘I had a wonderful experience, one I could never forget. It runs smoothly here, considering the variables and I was always looked after, always attentively. I feel ready for the world now in a grand way and that says something.’ S. 2020


I came to StreetScene as a resident in April 2016. I manged to secure the funding for residential rehab, whilst on a Drug Rehabilitation Requirement from the court system.  I spent nearly 20yrs in a cycle of addiction and became caught up in a revolving door of convictions and self-abuse. I knew, I had to make some changes and address my drug addiction. I would firmly say I had hit rock bottom. I arrived at Allington House and were greeted from a member of staff. I instantly felt at ease and knew, I was in a safe place. I resided in the house for 4 months. (An extra month for a certain behaviour I had to address). All the staff are highly trained professionals and are caring, genuine and understanding. During my stay we worked on ourselves and had weekly Group Therapy and Relapse Prevention and were allocated to a trained counsellor for one-two-one session. We were encouraged to follow a 12 Step Recovery programme and to keep an open mind. To attend meetings of our choice regularly and to understand the steps etc. Once a week, we would also have “Chemsex Group” which is primarily focused on the LGBTQ+ community. This is a safe space for individuals to share experiences, which they may have felt ashamed or embarrassed of and not be able to share in regular group therapy. Each week would be a different topic such as: Chemsex, Risk taking and safe sex, BBV’S , Multiple sexual partners, Self esteem, Self-worth, Homophobia and Rejection, Consequences of Behaviours, Sex work, Slamming and substance misuse, Transgender issues, Gay Dating Sites and repeated behaviours, Unhealthy relationships, I strongly believe that the “Chemsex Group” played a huge part of my begin of recovery. I would not have had the confidence to share this stuff knowing it could possibly make other group members feel uncomfortable with it! I finished treatment with StreetScene in October 2016 and decided to return to London. Once home - it was a matter of fight or flight. I felt a mixture of emotions and a sense of vulnerability. Although, I had been given the tools to keeps myself safe and remain in recovery. I knew the only way of surviving in recovery was to keep attending NA meetings regularly and much as possible. I through myself into NA and attended meetings every day until I was 2 years abstinent. (This kept me in check and safe from returning to my old life). I continue to attend meetings on a regular basis and follow a programme to my best ability. This has been a huge support to me, and I am nearly 5yrs Abstinent from all substances. I could never have got this far. If it were not for the professional support from StreetScene. My life today is different. It has not been a walk in the park. However, today I have peace of mind. I am working on achieving all the things my addiction stopped me doing. I am not where I want to be in life, but I am defiantly where I need to be in recovery. I have so much gratitude for StreetScene & Narcotics Anonymous. Thank you  (S. 2021)

‘Absolutely excellent, 1st class, everything was priceless.’ Alex 2016

‘I am very grateful to StreetScene and would strongly recommend it to anyone suffering from addiction.’ Stan 2016

‘Very well run, good teaching methods in relapse prevention. Staff are very tolerant and understanding.’ Gurbinder 2016

‘I didn’t know what to expect when I came here, but whilst I have been here the care and support has been excellent! The staff and my peers are always there for advise and support. I can’t praise he house enough – it has given me my life back.’ Beverley 2016

‘I feel my overall stay at the house has been a smash! Every one of the staff are very nice, I would pass this on to any one in a very positive way.’ Jake 2016

‘Couldn’t get a better start to recovery.’ Christopher 2016.

‘I feel I have been given a new start in life and I thank everyone for all the help.’ Mark 2016.

‘Fantastic. Overall service is phenomenal, staff are great, treated with respect.’ Wayne 2016

‘All of the staff work to the goal of helping people, and all do so with a genuine altruistic want of giving people a chance at life.’ Steve 2016

‘It’s excellent.’ Michael 2017.

‘My experience has been life changing. The staff, my peers, the structure of the program have all contributed to form the foundation for a life in recovery from this deadly disease. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.’ John 2017.

‘Like I said, if anyone wanted rehab I would recommend here all day long.’ Theresa 2016

‘Actually treatment wasn’t what I was expecting, but its been a brilliant journey!’ Van 2016.

‘Very good treatment centre, felt very loved and cared for.’ Tammy 2016.

‘Just happy all round, you saved my life, amazing experience.’ Hugh 2016

‘My overall comment is that the staff do a tremendous job with the people they care for, and my peers were good to be with and I was made to feel good and welcome.’ Terry 2016

‘I was a mess when I got here, and now I feel like I have something to live for.’ Julian 2016

‘I believe my treatment has been successful and I have been guided every step of the way by staff and peers.’ Emma 2016

‘I was really impressed with the house. I especially liked the finishing touches which made it homely rather than clinical. Beautiful gardens too.’ Nikki 2016

‘I feel lucky to have got in here. I’m not usually one to enjoy being away from home comforts but I settled here easily, the staff have been really kind.’ Nikki 2016

‘My stay here has been very pleasant and I will say it again and again, Thank you so much to the staff and the volunteers for helping me.’ Kyle 2016

‘Been great from day 1 all the way through, from groups to days out, staff and environment.’ Helen 2016

‘The house was welcoming and clean. The staff were very good and went above and beyond.’ Shaun 2016

‘It’s been tough, but it’s worth it and I feel totally different now – thanks all,’ Lisa 2016

‘I found the staff really helpful, my detox was one of the best, pain free, and the staff were brilliant with me.’ Kelly 2016

‘Amazing, so grateful to StreetScene for saving my life. God bless you all. I wouldn’t change a thing.’ Bill 2016

‘The whole rehab impression is that it’s what I needed, and now it’s time to move on.’ Jane 2016

‘My time at Francis has been amazingly supportive and given me the tools to live my life abstinent with the support of the fellowship. Thank you.’ Julia 2016

‘I felt safe here and the help with my personal situation was good. I’m really pleased I came here, it has helped me with loads with finding my solution to addiction.’ Andrew 2016

‘I think this house has saved my life, given me the opportunity to rebuild my family. They have reinstalled my self-esteem and I no longer feel isolated within my own head.’ Adrian 2016

‘I always felt safe and comfortable in the environment, lovely big house, clean and tidy with a homely feel. I wouldn’t change anything.’ Jonathan 2016

‘I feel proud to have passed through this establishment and accomplished the work I have on myself. If this house is a reflection of the services this charity provides, one has more chance of winning than losing.’ Marcus 2016

‘Staff and peers have shown me great support and are passionate about helping as much as possible. I honestly believe I would be dead if I hadn’t had the love care and support I have been shown here.’ Danielle 2016.

‘I cant find good words to describe my overall impression of what I have received. Everything was above my expectation.’  Robert 2016

‘Overall I have been very satisfied in all areas. Staff work to ensure we fulfil our potential. I especially like the structure of primary care and secondary care. I would love to have stayed longer.’ Janine 2016


 A life-saving service with a good breakdown of services. Friendly and loving care by volunteers and staff.

Really enjoyed my treatment here, although I had a lot of struggles I was helped throughout. I owe my life and knowledge to StreetScene. Long may they keep up the good work.

I have been able to be myself, I will always be grateful to StreetScene. From the Directors to Managers to Counsellors to Night Staff. They run a brilliant recovery centre.

This has been a beautiful experience and I thank all of you for everything you have done for me and helping me through the hard times.

StreetScene saved my life, and I mean that!

This is where miracles happen. I will never forget what they have done for me, ever.

Time seemed and did pass so quickly, very friendly house staff and peers, respect all round.

StreetScene and staff as a whole are a fantastic organisation who really care for people. The staff really helped me and played a major part in my recovery.

Keep going the way your are, you have changed my life and I thank you.

A beautiful process and it works miracles. If it can help me it can help anybody. I thought I was a lost cause.

Excellent from start to finish

"My family and I are incredibly grateful to StreetScene. As far back as I can remember, my mum had always struggled with alcohol ism, and being the only child to a single parent alcoholic was pretty difficult. The alcohol ism was relentless, almost costing my mother her life. Until she found StreetScene. She had tried many detox units over the years, but it wasn't.  Through her work with StreetScene, my mum is now a huge part of my life, and we have been able to build a loving, trusting relationship, and I am immensely proud of how far she has come over the last 10 years, being able to celebrate a decade of sobriety and living life to its full potential - thank you StreetScene!"