Working closely with clients

Speaking with clients individually and as a group, they all praised how the staff worked with them.

The clients we spoke to were extremely positive about the service. They found the staff to be exceptionally supportive, kind and caring. They felt that the staff were very interested in their welfare and that they “went the extra mile” to ensure they were happy and able to succeed in their recovery. Clients described the service as having ‘saved their lives’ and felt that the skills staff taught them would enable them to move back into the community safely. They felt that they had experienced positive social interactions whilst living in a close-knit community. This had taught them to respect others and develop other social skills. Clients felt the team at Allington House had “gone above and beyond” and that “magic happened” in the house.

CQC Regulated

Cornerways Rehab

CQC Regulated

Allington House

CQC Regulated

Francis House

Clients and staff worked together to formulate effective person centred care plans; these addressed clients’ individual needs including access to religious places of worship, there was a comprehensive activity and therapy programme for clients. Staff encouraged clients to access college and work opportunities in the community to develop further skills to help them after discharge.

There were systems in place to monitor the quality of the service, which included regular audits and feedback from clients using the service and staff. Staff learnt from incidents that occurred and complaints that clients and carers had made.

The organisation’s leadership team had identified the importance of maintaining staff morale. Staff felt that the senior management always responded to their concerns in a prompt and appropriate manner.

There were positive and effective working relationships with the local general practitioner and community mental health team.

Staff made clients receiving treatment at Allington House feel safe. They understood how to recognise safeguarding issues and make referrals. They followed the organisation’s policies when doing so. Staff safely managed medicine using robust systems and the environment was clean and well maintained.