At StreetScene we can provide an assessment and it includes: detoxification (if necessary), residential living, personalised treatment plan, individual therapy, group therapy, lectures about addiction and recovery, exercise and fitness, relapse prevention therapy and discharge planning, specialist therapies e.g. grief therapy, other addictions. We do also provide a 28 day program for those unable to commit for a 90 day period. This provides more of an introduction to recovery and the basic tools and support, however it does take time for old habits to be replaced with new ones and based on client feedback a longer stay does increase feelings of confidence and wellbeing when returning to the community.

Call anytime to start an assessment and admission process on 01202 467661 or email

Our admission department is open 9 am to 5pm weekdays, however we do respond to enquiries at evenings and on weekends. 

The assessment process itself generally takes around 1 hour or so and can be done whether in person or by phone. During the assessment we are seeking information about a person’s life, using history, medication, health issues, outside commitments, problems and goals. We use this information to ensure we can meet a person’s needs, as a basis for an initial treatment plan and for our Doctor to evaluate the detox, where necessary.

The majority of clients are assessed a day or so before admission, however a fast track assess/admit is available in some cases, where admission can follow on directly from the assessment.

We have an open door policy for all and would encourage you to come to meet us where ever possible. You will be impressed, and it gives you and your family the reassurance that you are coming to a lead treatment centre that is of the highest quality.