Aftercare refers to any subsequent interventions that follow the initial residential or day programme rehab treatment. In the case of addiction treatment, it will often refer to the additional support that is given following completion of residential treatment. This may occur in the form of support groups, booster sessions, counselling, or follow-up meetings. The aftercare can be in the form of debriefings, or it may involve teaching new skills and coping strategies.


Aftercare Helps With Daily Living

The StreetScene aftercare programme can keep the individual motivated and provide support when things get difficult. The individual who goes through one of our rehab treatment facilities will pick up a lot of knowledge and skills, but most of the learning needs to occur during normal everyday living and that’s where aftercare can provide real-time support and help. As the person in recovery is faced with new problems, they will be encouraged to find new solutions whilst in aftercare and they will build up effective coping strategies over time.


Aftercare Programmes

The aftercare programme is a 12 week programme which includes a support group and life skills workshop. It takes about 2 hours of your time, although people can stay longer to socialise with other group members. A person can join the group at any time, and although the life skills workshops are done on a 12 week cycle, a client can come for as long as they want, and it’s free of charge. If at a future time someone needs a little more support in their lives they can come back to the aftercare group whenever they need to.


Aftercare Activities & Workshops:-

Understanding addiction

Relapse prevention


Moods and foods

Communication skills

Setting and keeping healthy boundaries (relationships)

Building on self worth

Setting and pursuing goals

Overcoming resentments

Healthy relationships

Using a support network

Cooking basics