On Arrival

When you arrive at one of the StreetScene rehab centres the client (and their family/friends) will be greeted by the project manager and care staff. 
After a rest break and refreshments clients will be given time to say goodbye to their family and the admission process will begin. 

Depending on the time of day the following will happen in no particular order:

  • For clients requiring a medically assisted withdrawal they will see the doctor who will prescribe their medication.
  • A staff member will sit down with the client and go through various pieces of paperwork. Much of this is required as part of our registration as a rehabilitation centre and we do not expect clients to take it all in, so copies of the paperwork will be provided for a client to read at their leisure and staff will check in with them during the week to see if there are any questions or problems. This includes such things as:
    • Expectations of the community 
    • A consent to treatment form 
    • COSH, Control of substances hazardous to health 
    • Smoking policy 
    • Total abstinence policy 
    • Client details form
    • Consent of who we may contact
  • A client’s belongings will be checked in the privacy of their room, just to ensure they contain no drugs or alcohol. All prescribed medication will be logged and stored safely (excluding such things as inhalers). At this time a client can put certain valuables into safe storage if they wish.  A client can then put their things 
    away and settle into their room.
  • A client will told of their counsellor, and informed when they will meet them, if this is not the person carrying out the admission.
  • A client will be introduced to another client who will act as a buddy who will introduce them to the other clients and generally help them to find their way round the house.

We are very aware, after more than 25 years of providing quality treatment, that the first couple of days can be somewhat challenging to a new client, but remember we are here to support you through this.