StreetScene provides residential and day program care plans for Alcohol, Drug and Addiction based problems in their Bournemouth rehab centres.

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Voluntary Work - Build Confidence & Self Esteem

As one of the leading alcohol and drug rehabilitation centres in the UK StreetScene has built up a solid reputation with most of the local major Trusts and Organisations such as the National Trust, Dorset Reclaim, Brownsea Island, Oxfam and Bournemouth AFC. As part of our specialist therapeutic rehabilitation programme we encourage clients to gain independence and confidence through performing some sort of voluntary work, (if they wish), within one of these organisations. Voluntary work is an excellent chance for clients to reintegrate back into society while at the same time building up their self esteem.

StreetScene Voluntary Work

StreetScene Voluntary

Volunteer Support

As a volunteer you will work a small part of your week for a trust or organisation of your choice and we will support you with this work..

Build Confidence

Volunteering will help build your confidence and self esteem as well add purpose and drive to your recovery...

Local Trusts Volunteer

Volunteer with the local National Trust and work on beautiful nature reserves enjoying nature and tranquility...

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Voluntary Programme
Volunteer In the Community

In the second stage of treatment we do encourage and support clients in to getting voluntary work. This gives an excellent opportunity for people to get out there and mix in the community, get back into being responsible and hopefully give people the opportunity to get involved with something they get something out of. It also is a good start for a current CV for future employment.

Choose Voluntary
Choose Where To Volunteer

Whether its working in a world renowned nature reserve helping out on Brownsea island of collecting and renovating old furniture to be used by people in need or helping out at the famous Bournemouth AFC football grounds you will find that there is something for everyone to get involved with. Other options are available and if a client has a particular interest we will try to see if it can be catered for it locally.

Build Confidence
Make Friends & Build Connections

Voluntary work can be a very useful tool in helping people get back into a routine of life, make new friends, build connections, learn new skills and build both self confidence and self esteem.

Benefits of StreetScene Voluntary Work:

Increases your social and relationship skills
Make new friends and contacts
Increases self-confidence
Helps combats depression
Helps you stay physically healthy
Provide career experience
Teach you valuable job skills
Helps expand your goals and interests

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"I volunteered on the Brownsea Island nature reserve and this really helped me improve my work skills and also my confidence at being clean and sober. I am now in full time employment and used my voluntary work on my CV..."

M. Hasling Ex Client.