StreetScene provides residential and day program care plans for Alcohol, Drug and Addiction based problems in their Bournemouth rehab centres.

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Rehab Treatment Outline - Treatment Programme

StreetScene reintegration assistance is a multifaceted support process for clients recovering from addiction and who have undergone the rehabilitation treatment offered by StreetScene. Key tools for this process include: reintegration counselling, re-attendance at the rehab centre, support groups, activities and goals aimed at increasing the clients skills for daily normal living and help the client to reintegrate into society once they are clean and sober.

Treatment Programmes

Treatment Programmes

Average Daily Treatment Itinerary

7.30am .… Wake Up
8.00am .… Breakfast / Medication
8.30am .… Meditation & Reflection
8.45am .… Therapeutic Activities
9.00am …. Walk / Meditation in Gardens
9.30am .… Lecture/Discussion
10.00am … Group Therapy
11.00am … Break Time
11.20am … Personal Therapy / Education
12.30am … Lunch

2.00pm … Group Therapy
3.00pm … Break
3.20pm … Fitness / Creative Therapy
4.15pm … Personal Assignment

6.00pm …. Dinner
6.40pm …. Therapeutic Activities / Assignments
7.00pm … .Outings AA / NA / CA / OA / GA
9.00pm …. Assignments / Daily Record
10.00pm …Break
11.00pm …Retire To Bed

Expert Alcohol Rehabilitation

Individually tailored alcohol dependency treatment plans...

Professional 24hr Care

24hr in-house dedicated care staff who are all experienced with alcohol dependency issues...

Luxury Bournemouth Location

Next to Bournemouth beach and set in beautiful kept grounds...

Private En-Suite Bedrooms

Your own furnished private bedroom and personal space...

Resettlement & Reintegration

We can help re-house and reintegrate you back into society...

Aftercare Structure & Support

As part of the patients treatment program we offer aftercare groups, family support groups and parenting groups...

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Admission Process
Admission Process

On arrival at one of StreetScene rehab centres the patient (and their family/friends) will be greeted by the project manager and care staff. The patient will immediately be assessed medically and informed of the rehab routines, visiting arrangement, guidelines and procedures. At this point the care staff will answer any questions the patient has and take note of any special needs / requirements such as diet. After admission and over the next few days close scrutiny is paid to the patient medically and emotionally.

Medical Assessment
An overview of the programme,
Guidelines and procedures,
Details of visiting times,
Some written assignments.

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Alcohol & Drug Detox
Alcohol & Drug Detox - Medically Assisted

Most drug and all alcohol addictions require some sort of medical detoxification to treat the symptoms of withdrawal form the specific drug the patient is addicted to. StreetScene is linked with the local medical centre and patients will have a consultation with the GP, (this may be done on pre-assessment so the detox is ready for the patient when they arrive), to prescribe an individual's detoxification plan, tailored to the patient’s needs. We have over 25 years’ experience in detoxification from drugs and alcohol and we can ensure that detox is as safe and comfortable as possible. Our experienced rehab staff are sensitive to the needs of patients during this difficult time and we provide 24/7 round-the-clock care, support and encouragement. View more information on our medical detox services...

Individualised Drug, Alcohol & Addiction Treatment
Individualised Drug, Alcohol & Addiction Treatment

Each patient that comes to StreetScene has a unique life history and addiction experience which is why we treat each patient as a unique individual with specific needs to ensure that their treatment plan is tailored to their needs. Our specialist addictions team work together to prescribe a personalised combination of medical treatments, specialised therapies and complementary therapies for the patient. StreetScene not only focuses on the addiction but targets therapies for the specific underlying causes of the patients addiction and will provide intensive treatment that helps produce results that last.

Personalised & Targeted Therapy
Personalised & Targeted Therapy

Our personalised psychotherapy is one of the main reasons StreetScene is one of the leading addiction treatment organisations in the UK. Our addiction therapists use an eclectic skill set range such as CAB, CAT, MI and 12 Step to offer personalised one-to-one targeted therapy to each individual and their unique circumstances. This allows us to focus on and address the root causes of addiction on a case-by-case basis, leading to effective and sustained recovery.

Confidential and private rehab….
The individual therapy we provide allows patients to talk in complete privacy and confidentiality with a specialist therapist. Many of StreetScene therapists have been through recovery themselves so they have theoretical and practical knowledge of addiction, and naturally use a discreet and sensitive approach with patients, encouraging them to talk about matters they may find difficult to share.

Group Therapy
Group Therapy for Addictions

Group therapy is an integral part of all treatment plans at StreetScene. Working in group therapy with other patients who also suffer from addiction speeds up the recovery process for an individual like no other aspect of treatment. In group therapy patients may present their life history, talk about personal assignments or achieve goals set by their individual therapy sessions. Group therapy will help the patient to start to interact with other people and end their own personal isolation, a strong aspect of addiction as well as heighten their awareness of blocks that are hindering the individual from sustaining long term recovery. All group therapy sessions are facilitated by a fully qualified therapist who listens and gently confronts and points out any issues and problems, reflecting these back to the patient.

Specialised / Complementary Therapies
Specialised / Complementary Therapies

Some groups are directed towards a particular goal:

Trauma therapy
Cognitive behavioural therapy
Relaxation therapy
Gambling addiction,
Eating disorders group therapy
Relapse prevention group
Women’s group therapy
Young adult’s group therapy
Body image group therapy
Relationship therapy
Grief and loss group therapy
Cross-addiction therapy
Coping skills therapy
Equine assisted therapy
Drumming therapy
Art work therapy

Recreational Activities
Therapeutic & Recreational Activities

As part of a therapeutic treatment plan all clients take part in recreational activities which help create a sense of fun, adventure and enjoyment in doing things without the use of alcohol or drugs. StreetScene organises weekly recreational and therapeutic activities such as:

Scenic Walking (Purbecks, Corfe Mullen, Durdle Door)
Beach Activities (weather permitting)
Fishing Trips
Adventure Outings (Southampton Boat Show, Aquarium, Go Ape)
Ice Skating
Attraction Visits

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Rehab Treatment Costs

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StreetScene Drug Rehab

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Rehab Treatment Programme

StreetScene expert addiction treatment programme individually tailored…

"Using StreetScene reintegration programme really helped me cope in that initial period of leaving the rehab, it was a scary time but the reintegration time helped me cope and build my confidence up..."

Julie B. Ex Client