StreetScene provides residential and day program care plans for Alcohol, Drug and Addiction based problems in their Bournemouth rehab centres.

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Resettlement - Supported Safe Accommodation

StreetScene has over 25 years of experience helping individuals recovery from alcohol, drug and all types of addiction and we understand the importance of providing supported housing and safe accommodation to clients that want to relocate or have no present living address or require additional recovery support and reintegration help. Whether its privately funded or funded through a care manager StreetScene has several third stage supported housing units available to provide safe, alcohol /drug free secure living.

Supported Resettlement Housing
StreetScene resettlement programme is delivered in partnership with local care managers, local BAT team or is available to private funded clients. Our resettlement help offers a structured package of accommodation and support to clients who require abstinence based and recovery orientated supported accommodation. This service consists of several semi-independent housing projects based in Bournemouth and Southampton. All our resettlement housing projects are totally abstinent based.

Rehab Resettlement Help

StreetScene Resettlement

Resettlement Support

Supported living and safe housing whilst you reintegrate into sober and clean living…

25 Years Proven Success

We have over 25 years of experience offering rehab resettlement help to clients…

Supported Accommodation

Ongoing client support from StreetScene aftercare staff, totally abstinent safe housing …

Daily Living Education

Learn to live in the community drug and alcohol free, learn new sets of skills to cope with daily living...

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Relapse Prevention
Resettlement Increases Sustainable Recovery

Our skilled staff members work with individuals accommodated in our resettlement projects who have a desire to change their pattern of behaviour, lifestyle and social and health issues. StreetScene resettlement projects help increase the ability to manage and sustain their recovery with a large degree of independence around tenancy and community living.

Unity Living Help
Unity Housing Projects

The Unity Projects are for people who come from out of the area and are referred by their care manager or are privately funded. People in our Unity housing projects will have already completed some form of residential treatment, and wish to remain in Bournemouth.

Aimes Aftercare
Aimes Housing Project

The Amies Project housing is for people who come from out of the area and are referred by their care manager or are privately funded. People in Amies will have already completed some form of residential treatment and wish to remain in Southampton.

Resettlement Activities
Resettlement Living Skills & Support:-

A stable supportive environment, practical advice and support
Life skills development
Support with move on accommodation
Tenancy support and advice
Advice on work training and employment
Crisis management
Drug and alcohol support and advice
Signpost into specialist services
Cultural specific support
Support network development
General health advice
Access to treatment services
Budgeting advice
Welfare/benefit advice
Emotional/psychological support

Treatment Package Costs

Find out about the costs of our drug rehab care packages and services...

Medical Detox

We can provide a medically assisted drug detox to help withdrawing...

Rehabilitation Services

StreetScene provides full rehabilitation from treatment to resettlement...

"Have to say StreetScene were absolutely brilliant, after leaving rehab I had no where to go so they offered me the resettlement care service and I was given my own place in one of their housing projects for 6 months..."

T. Wilkes Ex Client