StreetScene provides residential and day program care plans for Alcohol, Drug and Addiction based problems in their Bournemouth rehab centres.

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Reintegration - Sustained Long Term Recovery

StreetScene reintegration assistance is a multifaceted support process for clients recovering from addiction and who have undergone the rehabilitation treatment offered by StreetScene. Key tools for this process include: reintegration counselling, re-attendance at the rehab centre, support groups, activities and goals aimed at increasing the clients skills for daily normal living and help the client to reintegrate into society once they are clean and sober.

Rehab Reintegration Help

StreetScene Reintegration

Reintegration Support

Professional help reintegrating back into normal living whilst receiving help and support...

Supported Living

Through a targeted reintegration programme individually tailored to the clients needs StreetScene offers solid support and help to manage daily living addiction free...

Daily Living Education

Learn to live in the community drug and alcohol free, learn new sets of skills to cope with daily living...

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Reintegration Programme
About Our Reintegration Programme

This is a programme designed to help you readjust to living in the community after a period of treatment. Once you have completed treatment and moved on you can attend your rehabilitation centre for 10 days of treatment over a five week period. This can be extended if required. During these days you will have access the facilities provided at the house including meals and laundry facilities, this can be especially helpful whilst trying to get your own shopping and cooking routine sorted out.

Unity Living Help
Living Life Alcohol & Drug Free

Although 2 days a week doesn’t sound like a lot, you will find that 2 days a week is all you will be able to fit in. By this time your life will be full of things to do, all of them without the need to use either alcohol or drugs. However this first period of time outside of the rehabilitation centre can be quite stressful. You will have gone from the structured environment of the rehab into your own accommodation, and just keeping the support in place for these first five weeks can really help.

Reintegration Activities
Reintegration Living Skills & Support:-

A stable supportive environment, practical advice and support
Life skills development
Tenancy support and advice
Advice on work training and employment
Crisis management
Drug and alcohol support and advice
Signpost into specialist services
Cultural specific support
Support network development
General health advice
Access to treatment services
Budgeting advice
Welfare/benefit advice
Emotional/psychological support

Rehab Treatment Costs

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Rehab Treatment Programme

StreetScene expert addiction treatment programme individually tailored…

"Using StreetScene reintegration programme really helped me cope in that initial period of leaving the rehab, it was a scary time but the reintegration time helped me cope and build my confidence up..."

Julie B. Ex Client