StreetScene provides residential and day program care plans for Alcohol, Drug and Addiction based problems in their Bournemouth rehab centres.

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StreetScene Medical Detox For Alcohol & Drugs

StreetScene rehab centres provide medically assisted detox for alcohol and drugs. When a person has become physically / mentally addicted to a drug like alcohol or a narcotic there may be some physical / mental / emotional withdrawal symptoms that occur when the person tries to stop the use of the substance. These withdrawal symptoms can be severe, and even life threatening in the case of alcohol and they often act as a block to the person preventing them from being able to come of the drug safely.

StreetScene Medical Detox

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What Is A Medical Detox?

A detox from alcohol / drugs is given to limit the amount of discomfort the person feels during full withdrawals. A detox is not a substitute for the effects caused by alcohol and drugs and is only prescribed over a short period time to enable the person to lose their physical addiction to the drug alcohol.


StreetScene Inpatient Medical Detox

As part of a full alcohol, drugs and addiction dependency recovery programme StreetScene offers inpatient medically assisted detox for clients that have become dependent and need help with withdrawing from alcohol or drugs. We only offer a medical detox as part of our full residential (or day) rehab treatment program and after the person has been medically detoxed they would be expected to take part in all the rehab centre treatment to give them the best chance of staying sober / clean when they leave.


Break Free From Addiction Now

By using a medically assisted detox from StreetScene you have a better chance at coming off alcohol and drugs. Avoid the painful withdrawal symptoms that block so many people from sobering up and cleaning up.

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Medical Detox Alcohol

Medically Assisted Detox

At StreetScene rehabs we can provide a medical detox for all types of addictive substances that is safe and medically prescribed. Our medical detox involves GP prescribed drugs that can combat the withdrawal symptoms of the substance the patient has become dependent on.

Medcial & Theraputic Supervision While Detoxing
StreetScene staff, as well as healthcare professionals, monitor this tapering off process and the patient is normally able to complete detox free, or mostly free, of any withdrawal symptoms.

(All Detox is subject to screening for suitability)

Avoid Withdrawal Symptoms With A Medical Detox

After an in-depth pre-arrival discussion about the patients alcohol or drug problem our management team, theraputic staff and project managers will get in place an immediate consultation with our GP so that when the patient arrives they can have a consultation with the GP to ascertain the best type of medical detox for them straight away.

Fast Consultation & Detox Procedure
At StreetScene we understand the importance and medical implications of having the patients detox start as soon as possible before any major withdrawal symptoms start to occur. After an in-depth consultation with our GP the detoxification process and drug dispensing will happen, under strict supervision, throughout the whole detoxification process the patient is closely monitored by trained experienced detox staff.

How Long Will Detoxification Take?
When we provide a medical detox for alcohol or drugs the detox process takes as long as necessary for a patient to be physically stable without the prescribed drug. The full detox focuses on helping the patients body rid itself of the drug and treating the withdrawal symptoms that occur. Medically-assisted detox can take as little as a few days or as long as a few months. The duration of the detox depends on the amount of a drug a patient has taken and the length of the addiction and their individual GP consultation and continued medical supervision.

Drugs We Provide Medically Assisted Detox For
At StreetScene we can provide a medically assisted detox for all the drug types below:

Alcohol Detox
Without a medical detox alcohol withdrawals can be FATAL, StreetScene will provide a fast GP consultation and assessment of your needs.Read more about our alcohol detoxification...

Cocaine / Crack Detox
Withdrawing from Cocaine / Crack can be very uncomfortable especially psychologically. We can provide a medically assisted detox if required. Read more about our Cocaine / Crack detoxification...

Heroin Detox
Heroin withdrawals are particularly painful and uncomfortable thats why StreetScene provides medically assisted help to those addicted to heroin. Read more about our heroin detoxification...

Methadone Detox
Methadone withdrawals are particularly painful and uncomfortable thats why StreetScene provides medically assisted help to those addicted to methadone. Read more about our methadone detoxification…

Ketamine Detox
Ketamine affects the mental and emotional aspect of the user and withdrawing from ketamine can be very uncomfortable without help. Read more about ketamine detoxification...

Crystal Meth Detox
At StreetScene we understand the difficulties of coming off crystal meth and as such we provide medically assisted help through the help of our GP. Read more about crystal meth detoxification...

Opiates Detox
Cannabis Detox

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Medical Detox

We can provide a medically assisted drug detox to help withdrawing...

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StreetScene provides full rehabilitation from treatment to resettlement...

"I had tried to come off several times but the withdrawals were always too severe for me to handle. Thanks to a professional detox from StreetScene I managed to get off for the first time..."

Paul B. Ex Client