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Crystal Meth Detox - Crystal Meth Medical Detox

At all our StreetScene drug rehab centres we can provide a medically assisted detox for crystal meth (crystal / meth / crank / glass/ ice) users who have become addicted to the substance which consists of medical and therapeutic supervision, sleep, nourishment and a safe place to gradually recovery whilst taking part in a combination of psychological and meth-addiction behavioral therapies. If you have been using crystal meth daily for some time you may have become psychologically addicted to the drug and coming off it without a medical detox could be very uncomfortable.

Crystal Meth Medical Detox

StreetScene Reintegration

What Is A Medically Assisted Detox?

A detox from the crystal meth is given to limit the amount of discomfort the person feels during full withdrawals. A detox is not a substitute for the effects caused by crystal meth and is only prescribed over a short period time to enable the person to lose their addiction to the drug.


StreetScene Inpatient Crystal Meth Detox

As part of a full addiction-treatment-programme StreetScene offers inpatient medically assisted detox for crystal meth users who need help with withdrawing from the drug. We only offer a crystal meth detox as part of our full residential or day rehab treatment program and after the person has been detoxed they would be expected to take part in all the drug rehab centre treatment to give them the best chance of staying of the drug when they leave. Learning how to live and enjoy life without the use of crystal meth is the main aim of StreetScene addiction treatment care plans.


Break Free From Crystal Meth Now

By using a medically assisted detox from StreetScene you have a better chance at coming off crystal meth. Avoid the painful withdrawal symptoms that block so many users from cleaning up and starting a new clean life.

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Medically Assisted Crystal Meth Detox

At StreetScene treatment centres we provide very close therapeutic and medical supervision for users who are undergoing a crystal meth detox. There are no particular drugs available that combat the effects that methamphetamine has on the body and brain but through a combination of psychological and meth-addiction behavioral therapies, such as cognitive-behavioral and contingency-management treatment and therapeutic interventions StreetScene rehabs offers one of the best rehabilitation centres in the UK to safely detox and recovery from crystal meth addiction.

(All Detox is subject to screening for suitability)

Crystal Meth Detox Withdrawal - Duration And Length

Meth detox largely depends on the quantity used and period of abuse. Generally crystal meth has two main withdrawal phases:

Acute phase (which can last from 7-10 days) during which symptoms are more intense or severe and general withdrawal symptoms in this time are:

Joint pain
Muscle pain
Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea
Severe hunger
Sleep deprivation

Sub-acute phase (which can go on for at least 2 additional weeks).

Drug craving
Dysphoric mood
Increased appetite
Increased movement or decreased movement
Lack of motivation
Sleeplessness or sleepiness
Vivid or lucid dreams

Furthermore, the length of time it will take crystal meth to leave a person’s system depends on how frequent and heavy the crystal meth use was. People who have developed extreme dependence on crystal meth, after years of use will usually experience more intense withdrawal than those who use crystal meth occasionally on binges. For example, following binge use of crystal meth, the “crash” can last from 9 hours to 4 days. However, long term users can develop protracted withdrawal symptoms which can take weeks or months to resolve.

It is extremely important to understand that a medical crystal meth detox is only the initial stage in treating crystal meth addiction. A detox helps stabilise any withdrawal symptoms allowing the user the chance to take part and get involved in the therapeutic interventions that StreetScene treatment centres provide. Without the full treatment program offered by StreetScene there is little chance of sustained long-term recovery.

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"I had a heavy heroin habit using over a gram a day and StreetScene helped me with a much needed medical detox so I could off the drug safely and comfortably, I am now 3 years clean!"

P. Henderson Ex Client