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Cocaine Detox - Cocaine Medcial Detox

At all our StreetScene drug rehab centres we can provide a medically assisted detox (if required) for cocaine (Coke / Charlie / Crack / Snow / Flake) users who have become addicted to the substance. If you have been using cocaine (Crack) daily for some time you may have become psychologically addicted to the drug and coming off it without a medical detox could be very uncomfortable.

Cocaine Medical Detox

StreetScene Detox

What Is A Medically Assisted Detox?

A detox from the drug cocaine is given to limit the amount of discomfort the person feels during full withdrawals. A detox is not a substitute for the effects caused by cocaine and is only prescribed over a short period time to enable the person to lose their addiction to the drug.


StreetScene Inpatient Cocaine Detox

As part of a full addiction-treatment-programme StreetScene offers inpatient medically assisted detox for cocaine users who need help with withdrawing from the substance. We only offer a cocaine detox as part of our full residential or day rehab treatment program and after the person has been detoxed they would be expected to take part in all the drug rehab centre treatment to give them the best chance of staying of the drug when they leave. Learning how to live and enjoy life without the use of cocaine is the main aim of StreetScene addiction treatment care plans.


Break Free From Cocaine Now

By using a medically assisted detox from StreetScene you have a better chance at coming off cocaine. Avoid the painful withdrawal symptoms that block so many users from cleaning up and starting a new clean life.

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Medically Assisted Cocaine Detox

Although there is no set medical detox for cocaine addiction StreetScene can offer a medically assisted cocaine detox if recommended by our rehab GP, using the professional help of a GP who has experience treating people who have become addicted to using stimulant drugs like cocaine, meth or crack the individual may be prescribed based on their personal addiction level, withdrawal symptoms and health history.

(All Detox is subject to screening for suitability)

Avoid These Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms

Acute withdrawal from cocaine / crack typically last from 1-3 weeks. Cocaine will be present in the body for approximately 72 hours after use. It can be detected in urine during this time, although traces of cocaine can be found in urine for up to 12 weeks in cases of habitual use.

Furthermore, the length of time it will take cocaine / crack to leave a person’s system depends on how frequent and heavy the cocaine / crack use was. People who have developed extreme dependence on cocaine / crack, after years of use will usually experience more intense withdrawal than those who use cocaine / crack occasionally on binges. For example, following binge use of cocaine, the “crash” can last from 9 hours to 4 days. However, long term users can develop protracted withdrawal symptoms which can take weeks or months to resolve.

Cocaine / Crack Detox Withdrawal Stages

Days 1-3: Remorse, Depression, Insomnia, Irritability, Disorientation, Craving.

Days 4-7: Craving, Anxiety. Apathy, Depression, Dysphoria, Irritability, Paranoia

Week 2: Euphoria, Depression, Mood Swings, Insomnia, Intermittent Cravings, Agitation, Restlessness, Irritability, Nightmares, Appetite Increase

Week 3: Hunger, Anger, Depression, Bad Dreams

It is extremely important to understand that a medical cocaine detox is only the initial stage in treating cocaine addiction. A detox helps stabilise any withdrawal symptoms allowing the user the chance to take part and get involved in the therapeutic interventions that StreetScene treatment centres provide. Without the full treatment program offered by StreetScene there is little chance of sustained long-term recovery.

Slang Words For Cocaine:
Coke, Crack, Crystal, Big C, C-dust, Blow, Snow, Paradise white, Pearl, Flake, Baysay, Base, Candy cane, White girl, White horse, Zip, Baseball, Tardust, Gutter glitter, Wacky dust, Weasel dust, Bubble gum. Yay and Yayo

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