StreetScene provides residential and day program care plans for Alcohol, Drug and Addiction based problems in their Bournemouth rehab centres.

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Francis House Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centre

Francis House was built in around 1880,and is rumoured that it was designed and built by the Sheriff of Southampton for his own use. It has garden space to the front of the house, parking to one side and a communal area at the back. It is located adjacent to Southampton Common, which is a large open space with plenty of room for walks and team games and also holds many functions during the year. Southampton town centre is about a 20 minute walk away with its shops and shopping centres, train and coach station.

Francis House Rehab Info

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Medical Detox Service

At Francis House we offer a medical detox for clients who have become addicted to alcohol or drugs. If prescribed by Cornways GP your medical detox will lessen your withdrawal symptoms…

Individual Therapeutic Plan

We will work with you providing you with an individually tailored therapeutic recovery plan for your own recovery taking into account your individual needs and addiction...

24 Hour Staff

Francis House has 24 hour professional care staff so no matter what time it is there is always someone available to help you...

Francis House Professional Staff

At Francis House we have experienced qualified addiction therapists, support workers, office staff, maintenance staff and project managers all here to focus on helping you recover...

Francis House Expert Treatment

Once you have been admitted into Francis House you will be re-assessed immediately and and full treatment action programme will be put in place personally tailored to your needs...

Southampton Location

Next to Southampton city centre and docks and set in beautiful well kept grounds allowing you privacy and relaxation…

Resettlement & Reintegration

We can help reintegrate you back into society and help you with rehousing if you require…

Aftercare Structure & Support

As part of the patients treatment programme we offer aftercare groups, family support groups and parenting groups...

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What differentiates Francis House from other rehab treatment centres?

As one of the UK’s leading addiction rehabilitation organisations StreetScene is able to offer expert and specialist addiction treatment prescribing individually tailored therapeutic treatment plans that will aid long term sustainable recovery. Click here to view Francis House addiction treatment programme...

Each client will have a bedroom, although initially you may be asked to share a room with one other person. This is to help new members of the group to get involved with the group quickly and that there is someone close at hand to help a new client to find their way around in this new environment. For clients who have been in treatment a few weeks, it gives them the opportunity to help a newcomer to feel at home.

Francis House has three double rooms and twelve single rooms. Each room has its own sink, seven rooms have en-suites with either a shower or a bath, four of these also have their own toilet. There are also two bathrooms each with a toilet, and further toilets are available.

There is a laundry room situated on the ground floor, with a washing machine, tumble dryer and an iron and ironing board. These are used on a rota system. Your time in the rota will be explained to you shortly after you arrive.

General House Running Details

All household chores are done by the clients on a weekly-rota basis. This includes washing up, cooking, cleaning and hovering and other jobs relating to maintaining a home. This is part of the rehabilitation program and has to do with the fact that when a client re-enters the community at the end of treatment, they will most likely need to take responsibility for the cleanliness of their own living environment. It is helpful to get into the habit of keeping the place you live in clean and tidy early on in the rehabilitation process.

There is a lounge situated at the front of the building with a flat screen TV and DVD player. This is used for various group activities as well as relaxation in the evenings and at weekends. There is a further room next to the dining room used for relaxation and is also where the clients PC is situated. At the far end of the dining room there is another comfortable area for sitting and talking.

There is one large office at the front of the building on the ground floor. This office acts as a general office. There are also five small offices, one being for the use of the Manager, one for the project workers with the remaining three being for the counsellors for one to one sessions and other private meetings. All other rooms are either bedrooms or bathrooms.

Francis House
2 Hulse Road
SO15 2JX

Phone: 02380 634988
Fax: 02380 631837

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Find out about the costs of our drug rehab care packages and services...

Medical Detox

We can provide a medically assisted drug detox to help withdrawing...

Rehabilitation Services

StreetScene provides full rehabilitation from treatment to resettlement...

"I look back with fondness and gratitude at my stay at Francis House for helping me save my life and reintroducing me back into society with support and care. I am now several years free from alcohol and drugs..."

Tina B. Ex Client