StreetScene provides residential and day program care plans for Alcohol, Drug and Addiction based problems in their Bournemouth rehab centres.

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If you belong to a professional health care service such as the Community Drug and Alcohol Recovery Services or you are an alcohol / drug keyworker or a health professional this page will give you all the information you need about the StreetScene organisation, statistics, facts and costings allowing you to make an informed decision about your clients addiction treatment. Please contact StreetScene if you would like any further information about our rehabilitation programmes.

StreetScene CQC Information

StreetScene Rehab Centres

Expert Rehabilitation Treatment

Leading expert addiction therapists and staff, tailored medical addiction treatment plans...

25 Years proven Success

24hr in-house dedicated care staff who are all experienced...

Daily / Weekly / Monthly Reporitng

Next to Bournemouth beach and set in beautiful kept grounds...

Full Cycle Client Rehabilitaion Programmes

From detox, re-housing, aftercare support and relapse prevention your client will receive the full recovery care they need...

Resettlement & Reintegration

We can help re-house and reintegrate clients back into society...

Aftercare Structure & Support

We provide support and help once clients leave the rehab centre...

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Rehab Reports
CQC Reports

StreetScene is regulated by the Care Quality Commision and is regularly inspected to make sure it meets and passes all the CQC care requirements such as: systems in place to manage risks and assure the health, welfare and safety of our clients, ensure all complaints listened to and acted on properly and maintain personal records, including medical records, making sure they are accurate and kept safe and confidential.
Cornerwatys CQC Report / Allington CQC Report / Francis CHC Report

Rehab Treatment
Rehabilitation Treatment Program

Clients suffering from addiction that come to StreetScene are unique with their own psychological, emotional / mental and physical histories so a personalised treatment plan is essential to offer targeted care. Our specialist team of addiction therapists, care staff and the project team work closely together to prescribe a personalised rehabilitation treatment plan that includes; medical treatment, specialised therapies, therapeutic activities and complementary therapies aimed at giving the individual the very best chance to recovery from their addiction. View more information on our rehabilitation treatment propramme...

Performance Stats
StreetScene Rehab Performance

StreetScene monitors all its services, rehabs and clients experiences as well as recovery performances. As one the UKs leading rehabilitation projects we understand the importance of regularly checking and improving on our services to make sure we continue to offer the very best in client recovery care. Click here to view our rehab performance statistics...

Staff Supervision
Staff Supervision

StreetScene takes its staff supervision very seriously and has set periods of supervision sessions built into all our rehab staff work schedules. The staff supervision offered by StreetScene is aimed at helping and guiding, mentoring, supporting and protecting both the staff and the clients, ensuring that the ethics and relationship boundaries of both staff and clients are healthy and productive. Our staff supervision not only adds additional protection for the client but also means that the clients therapeutic recovery programme closely monitored and maintained.

Staff Training
Staff Training

All staff at StreetScene are fully trained professionals and regularly attend new training programmes to update their professional knowledge and work practises. Prior to accepting staff at StreetScene we make sure any new staff meet minimum requirements of a professional rehab worker. The training we offer covers critical theoretical knowledge and practical application skills of rehab ethics and guidelines, we also commit to our staff by providing access regularly to new courses that help advance our staff knowledge of mental health, addiction and health standards set out in the UK.

Staff Qualification
Staff Qualifications

The range of qualifications held by StreetScene members of staff is vast and they cover all aspects of mental health, addiction and social welfare. From degrees in addiction therapy and social work to the highest qualifications is health and safety. Our addiction therapists are all formally qualified in various therapeutic models including cognitive behavioral therapy.

Rehab Insurance
StreetScene Insurance

StreeScene is covered by full commercial insurance offering both staff and clients as well as members of the public a professional safeguard for any any injuries, accidents and liability claims. We hold full insurance with Markel Insurance (UK) and offer a 10,000,000 public liability insurance as well as a 10,000,000 employers liability insurance.

Treatment Costs
Treatment Costs

StreetScene provides full-cycle addiction recovery care packages in the form of residential and day care. We provide initial client handling (detox), individually tailored treatment programmes, aftercare packages, relapse prevention care packages and also offer resettlement and re-housing services if required. To view the prices of our various treatment care packages click here...


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Treatment Package Costs

Find out about the costs of our alcohol rehab care packages and services...

Rehabilitation Programme

StreetScene provides full rehabilitation from treatment to resettlement...

Rehabilitation Programme

StreetScene provides full rehabilitation from treatment to resettlement...

"The love and care I received at Streetcene really helped me when I was at my lowest. I am now clean and drug free thanks to their help and wonderful rehab centre. I still visit the centre occasionally to help out..."

Claire M.