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Family Programme - Intervention, Therapy & Support

Addiction, whether to alcohol, drugs or food disorders, can cause the families of the client to be torn apart. StreetScene understands the impact addiction has, not only on the person who is addicted, but also on close family members and thats why we offer a professional family intervention and family therapeutic programme. Sometimes family members affected by addiction can need as much support and help as the user.

Bringing The Family Back Together
StreetScene family addiction and support programme focuses on helping the family members with their own issues that have arisen through having a family member suffer from addiction - as well as offering one-to-one and group family therapy to help bring the family unit back together again, help build coping skills and reinforce recovery for the whole family.

Family Recovery Help

StreetScene Family Therapy

Resettlement Support

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Family Intervention
Family Intervention Service

Each family is different, and the best way to approach family involvement with addiction therapy will differ with every person. All our addiction therapists are trained to work with all types of addiction, drug and alcohol addicted patients and their families, we are very experienced at mediating the intervention process. Prior to utilising StreetScene family intervention help we recommend you have a private, non-confrontational and honest talk with the addict to implore them to seek treatment on their own. Whichever approach you take, it is important to understand that the family dynamic in drug and alcohol addiction which is incredibly powerful, and that addressing an unhealthy imbalance in communication is the first step in moving your loved one toward addiction therapy.

About Family Therapy
About Our Family Addiction Therapy

Our family programme helps family members gain a new perspective about their loved one’s addiction and their own behaviors and family involvement. Once the patient is in one of our rehab centres the created space can help the family to step back and recognise any negative behavior patterns of their own. For example, well-meaning family and friends often become trapped in a cycle of enabling and codependency with the patient prior to addiction therapy. They pretend like nothing is wrong and unintentionally assist the patient’s addiction by ignoring the problem. StreetScene family therapeutic programme helps to confront, dlea and recover from any of these negative behaviours.

Address Feelings
Addressing Negative Feelings

Sometimes family members might become distant, angry, and resentful towards the family member suffering from the addiction, this is natural and at StreetScene our family therapist will help you to recognise, verbalise and let go of these feelings. Family members may believe that they cannot address the issue without angering the patient or exacerbating their loved one’s addiction - StreetScene provides a safe, emotionally secure and empathetic way that allows the family and the patient to address some of these feelings in a supported therapeutic environment.

Family Education
Family Education & Support

The support that a family provides to a patient recovering from addiction is essential to that patient’s success. StreetScene rehab centers can provide educational sessions for family members, such as supportive and dynamic recovery workshops and one-to-one and group sessions for family involvement enabling them to not only support themselves but also the family member with the addiction.

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"The family intervention and on-going family therapy really helped us as a family unit. It was hard work but with the help of StreetScene family therapists we became closer than ever and still use the coping skills we learned..."

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