StreetScene provides residential and day program care plans for Alcohol, Drug and Addiction based problems in their Bournemouth rehab centres.

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Drug Rehab Bournemouth - Drug Treatment Centre

StreetScene is a UK renowned drug rehabilitation centre with three main units in different locations. established in the 1980’s StreetScene is one of the oldest drug rehab centres in the UK and has an expert team of specialised addiction therapists, project workers, medical assistants and care staff all of which are led and managed by our head of addiction treatment and treatment directors.

Inpatient & Outpatient Drug Rehabilitation Treatment
StreetScene addiction rehabilitation centres offer inpatient residential care and outpatient (day programme) treatment for patients suffering from drug addiction enabling the patient to be free from their current living circumstances and dangers of relapse whilst detoxing and receiving treatment. At our drug rehab centres, we focus on patient care, concern and respect for the dignity of the client suffering from addiction.

StreetScene Drug Rehabs

Rehab Centres

Average Daily Rehab Itinerary

7.30am .… Wake Up
8.00am .… Breakfast / Medication
8.30am .… Meditation & Reflection
8.45am .… Therapeutic Activities
9.00am …. Walk / Meditation in Gardens
9.30am .… Lecture/Discussion
10.00am … Group Therapy
11.00am … Break Time
11.20am … Personal Therapy / Education
12.30am … Lunch

2.00pm … Group Therapy
3.00pm … Break
3.20pm … Fitness / Creative Therapy
4.15pm … Personal Assignment

6.00pm …. Dinner
6.40pm …. Therapeutic Activities / Assignments
7.00pm … .Outings AA / NA / CA / OA / GA
9.00pm …. Assignments / Daily Record
10.00pm …Break
11.00pm …Retire To Bed

Expert Drug Rehabilitation

Individually tailored substance dependency treatment plans...

Professional 24hr Care

24hr in-house dedicated care staff who are all experienced with drug addiction issues...

Luxury Bournemouth Location

Next to Bournemouth beach and set in beautiful kept grounds...

Private En-Suite Bedrooms

Your own furnished private rehab bedroom and personal space...

Resettlement & Reintegration

We can help re-house and reintegrate you back into society...

Aftercare Structure & Support

As part of the patients treatment program we offer aftercare groups, family support groups and parenting groups...

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Rehab Nurse
Medical Drug Detox

At StreetScene we can provide a medically assisted drug detox if you have become physically addicted. A medically assisted detox involves a consultation with our GP and if prescribed you will then be given any detox medication daily till you have been weaned off the substance.

Rehab Treatment
Rehabilitation Treatment Program

Clients suffering from drug addiction that come to StreetScene are unique with their own psychological, emotional / mental and physical histories so a personalised treatment plan is essential to offer targeted care. Our specialist team of addiction therapists, care staff and the project team work closely together to prescribe a personalised drug rehabilitation treatment plan that includes; medical treatment, specialised therapies, therapeutic activities and complementary therapies aimed at giving the individual the very best chance to recovery from their addiction. View more information on our drug treatment propramme...

Rehab Bed
Therapeutic Activities

StreetScene rehab centres provides professional addiction treatment for all types of addiction; alcohol, drugs, eating disorders, gambling and many more. We work with all types of clients and offer a unique, safe and nurturing environment conducive to producing sustainable long term recovery. One important aspect of recovering from addiction is learning to have fun without the use of alcohol, drugs or being in active addiction. At StreetScene a major part of the therapeutic process of recovery is the organised recreational activities. View information, photos and videos about StreetScene drug rehab events...

Rehab Bed
Private Rehab Bedroom

Your stay at StreetScene will be comfortable, safe and warm. We provide single bedrooms (en-suite available) that have a modern single bed (with clean bedding), bedside furniture, bedside lamp, sitting chairs, wardrobes as well as your own personal washbasin and vanity mirror. Your bedroom is your own personal safe place where you can retire at night and read or write any course work you may have as well as relax and listen to the nature sounds of the woodland just outside your window.

Rehab Food
Eclectic Fine Food Menu

When withdrawing from drug addiction one of the first signs is hunger and at StreetScene we offer a high quality food menu. We cater for all food types including vegetarian and vegan. Whilst we provide sumptuous food for three main meals a day residential clients may enter the kitchen and prepare snack meals throughout the day and evening if they wish.

Rehab Laundry
Personal Laundry Facilities

We have on site industrial washing machines and dryers that clients can access so they can wash and dry their clothing. Detergent is provided and special detergent can be provided if required. An iron and ironing board is available to all clients.

Rehab Staff
24hrs On Site Care Staff

All our rehabilitation treatment centres are staffed 24 hours a day and there is always a member of staff at hand to deal with any medical, therapeutic or care needs a patient may have. Throughout the day there is management staff, therapists, project managers and care staff who are all experienced and trained to ensure you receive the ultimate in addiction rehabilitation care.

About StreetScene Drug Rehabilitation Centres

StreetScene has various drug rehab centres, halfway houses, and supported accommodation units available for all patients who require substance detoxing, drug rehabilitation treatment and resettlement services. The three main drug rehab centres are:

Cornerways Rehab
Cornerways is an amazingly beautiful grade 2 listed building surrounded by trees and Ύ acre of woodland. The tranquil and relaxing grounds offer space to enjoy nature away from the outside world. The building itself sits magnificently in the centre of the grounds and is reminiscent of old stately home. Read More...

Allington House Rehab
Surrounded with trees, shrubs and a pond the gardens of Allington House provide different areas for sitting, chatting and relaxing - there is even a quiet meditation area. Allington House was originally built in around 1880 with a large extension added to the back in the 1960's. It is a 10 minute walk from Bournemouth town centre with its many shops and stores and the well known, blue flag, white sand beach. Read More...

Francis House Rehab
Francis House was built in around 1880 and it is rumoured that it was designed and built by the Sheriff of Southampton for his own personal use. It is located adjacent to Southampton Common, which is a large open space with plenty of room for walks and team games and also holds many functions during the year. Southampton town centre is about a 20 minute walk away with its shops and shopping centres, train and coach station. Read More...

Treatment Package Costs

Find out about the costs of our drug rehab care packages and services...

Medical Detox

We can provide a medically assisted drug detox to help withdrawing...

Rehabilitation Services

StreetScene provides full rehabilitation from treatment to resettlement...

"The love and care I received at Streetcene drug rehab really helped me when I was at my lowest. I am now clean and drug free thanks to their help and wonderful rehab centre. I still visit the centre occasionally to help out..."

Claire M.