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Traditional addiction experts from Streetscene are collaborating with researchers from The Computing and Informatics Research Centre at Bournemouth University to do research on Digital Addiction. Unlike tobacco and alcohol, software systems could be designed to have a level of intelligence which would enable them react to users’ addictive usage style. Streetscene has match-funded a PhD studentship to work on this area and investigate methods and tools to design addiction-aware software.

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Digital Addiction
What is Digital Addiction?

Digital addiction is defined as the excessive, impulsive, compulsive or hasty use of certain software-mediated operations.

Internet Addiction contains:

• Computer Addiction, i.e., computer game addiction;
• Information Overload, i.e., web surfing addiction;
• Net Compulsions, i.e., online gambling and online shopping addiction;
• Cybersexual Addiction, i.e., online pornography or online sex addiction;
• Cyber-relationship Addiction, i.e., an addiction to online relationships.

Social Networks Addiction may fall into the Cyber-relationship Addiction.

Key Facts

• 6% of the world’s population has Internet Addiction;
• In South Korea, the government estimated that 2.1% of those aged between 6 and 19 are affected by Internet Addiction and require treatment;
• In China, those internet users between 6 and 29 years old and living in an urban area, approximately 14.1% meet their (mainland China) Internet Addiction diagnostic criteria; which equates to approximately 24 million people;
• Digital Addiction may cause serious problems to addicts and people related to them, mentally or physically. For example, software users will suffer from excessive and long term continuously use of gaming software; a father was arrested because of playing online gaming and allowing his 2 years old son starving to death.


StreetScene believes digital addiction share similar characteristics to traditional addictions (e.g., alcohol and drugs) and this includes:

• Mood modification, i.e., engagement in SNSs leads to a favourable change in emotional states;
• Salience, i.e., behavioural, cognitive, and emotional preoccupation with the SNS usage;
• Tolerance, i.e., ever increasing use of SNSs over time;
• Withdrawal symptoms, i.e., experiencing unpleasant physical and emotional symptoms when SNS use is restricted or stopped;
• Conflict, i.e., interpersonal and intrapsychic problems ensue because of SNS usage; • Relapse, i.e., addicts quickly revert back in their excessive SNS usage after an abstinence period.

Digital Detox

Digital Detox refers to a person refrains from digital devices for a period of time. It is normally used as a key component of digital addiction treatment methods. For example, Family Bootcamp, Military-style Chinese boot camp, Internet Rescue School, etc.

For more information of Digital Detox, check the following references:

• Bournemouth University - Digital Addiction Powerpoint

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Rehabilitation Programme

StreetScene provides full rehabilitation from treatment to resettlement...

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