StreetScene provides residential and day program care plans for Alcohol, Drug and Addiction based problems in their Bournemouth rehab centres.

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Day Programme Rehab - Day Treatment Programme

StreetScene offers a Day Rehabilitation Programme for clients who live locally and are able to commute each day. Sometimes a client will want to maintain their living accommodation while attending treatment and if proximity allows StreetScene will offer the day treatment programme to these clients based on a pre-assessment of the safety and viability for recovery of the client in their current habitation environment.

Day Clients Have Full Access To All Treatment Services
Clients who attend our day programme have full access to all our addiction rehabilitation services including a medically assisted detox. Any detox will have been agreed via a consultation with our GP and the individual client. Daily prescription schedules will be arranged prior to admission into the day programme and random drug / alcohol testing may occur. All medications, whether as part of your detox, or the usual medication you take, will be held, managed and distributed by the StreetScene staff, as and when required.

StreetScene Day Programme

StreetScene Day Programme

Expert Day Treatment

Leading expert addiction therpaists and support staff...

Full Treatment Access

As a day client you have full access to all our rehab treatment services...

Day Programme Assessment

StreetScene provides a pre-assessment of the safety and viability for recovery of the client in their current habitation environment...

Full Cycle Client Rehabilitation

From detox, re-housing, aftercare support and relapse prevention your client will receive the full recovery care they need...

Resettlement & Reintegration

We can help re-house and reintegrate clients back into society...

Aftercare Structure & Support

We provide support and help once clients leave the rehab centre...

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Day Programme
Primary / Secondary Day Programme Treatment

Each persons treatment journey through rehabilitation is divided into primary treatment and secondary treatment. In the primary phase, when people are most vulnerable, there are various measures in place to ensure a clients safety whilst finding their feet in life without the need to use. In secondary treatment clients get much more opportunity to go out and use the skills they have learned for living clean as well as access the client computers. During secondary treatment a visit home for the weekend may be organised if appropriate.
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Day Programme Visits
Family Visits As A Day Client

For those people who can or wish to have their family and loved ones involved in their treatment, we encourage visits at the weekends. The first visit will include some time for your loved ones to speak to a staff member about your treatment in general terms and give them an opportunity to ask about anything that concerns them. There will also be an opportunity for some mediation if this is felt to be necessary. Each personís relationship with their loved ones is different and we tailor these initial meetings to your individual needs.
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Day Programme Client Advocacy
Client Advocacy In Day Rehab

The aim of our treatment programme is to empower you to reach your full potential and have a good quality of life without the need to use alcohol or drugs. The units themselves are run as peer led communities. Throughout treatment we try to provide as many ways as possible for you to feedback to us, this can include things you like, things you donít, and suggestions for change. All clients also have access to an external service user representative, who can advocate on you behalf on any matter should you wish and every aspect of our service is risked assessed to ensure the best balance between safety and personal freedom.

Day Programme Treatments
Day Treatment Therapeutic Activities

Group therapy
Relapse prevention
Anger management
Relaxation / meditation /Tai Chi
Learning about the nature of addiction
Addictive behaviour workshops
Healthy relationship workshops
Managing thoughts and feelings
Impulse control
Assertiveness training
Communication skills
Life planning and structuring
Education for employment
Food and Nutrition
Dealing with core issues
Harm minimization
Having fun clean
Team games and activities

Treatment Package Costs

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Rehabilitation Programme

StreetScene provides full rehabilitation from treatment to resettlement...

Rehabilitation Programme

StreetScene provides full rehabilitation from treatment to resettlement...

"As I lived in a near town I decided to opt for the day programme which was pretty intense. StyreetScene really supported my decision and helped me make some important changes to how I lived..."

Trev B.